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Commercial leases in the Calgary and Toronto metropolitans have become increasing complicated, with ever more aggressive negotiating tactics and highly specific wording (all too often having hidden meanings).  This has made the leasing process increasingly frustrating and uncertain.  And because of these heightened challenges, it has become even more important that leases are carefully reviewed, negotiated and drafted, otherwise the financial costs and/or legal problems that can arise from an incorrect or inadequate lease agreement can have severe repercussions for your business.


Leasing agreements play an invaluable role in a business' success, making knowledgeable legal counsel a critical factor in getting your lease done right, including:

-          advising and coordinating your lease negotiations

-          protecting you from negotiating away important rights and safeguards

-          obtaining important concessions and benefits from the other side

-          identifying traps and pitfalls in the other side’s requests

-          drafting the terms of your offer to lease and lease agreement

-          reviewing and explaining the contents of a proposed lease

-          obtaining changes to the lease that protect your interests

-          securing the other side’s compliance with their lease obligations

-          resolving disputes and enforcing legal responsibilities

For knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in negotiating, reviewing and drafting lease agreements, and protecting your business’ legal rights, contact leasing lawyer Chris Neufeld at:

Chris@LeasingLawyer.ca, 403-400-4092 (Alberta), 416-887-9702 (Ontario)

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For commercial landlords: New Lease - Revised Lease - Lease Amendment / Alteration - Lease Assignment / Transfer - Subleasing - Renewal / Extension

Leasing lawyer Chris Neufeld's legal practice includes the representation of landlords and tenants in commercial leasing transactions, including office, retail, industrial, warehouse, government and special use properties, principally in the Alberta and Ontario real estate markets, with its principal office at 77 Tuscany Ridge Mews NW, Calgary, Alberta.  For more extensive legal information on leasing visit us at LeaseLawyer.ca. Copyright 2008-14.

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